Beautify URL
14 February 2018 ·

Are you tired of using excel to use find and replace https:// or http:// or even www. and sometimes anything from the trailing / at the end of the url?

Thats more than a few steps just to clean up a list of urls. What if you could paste a list of urls into a box, click a button and bingo! All the urls have been stripped down to their bear esstentials? Being an account director in AdTech I have to sometimes clean up a list of domains for various reasons. It’s a mega painful task as its rather repitive and sometimes excel or a human can make an error turning a albeit repitive but simple task into a nightmare.

Therefor I created Beautify URL.

A nice little tool to take the pain out of making domains beautiful again. This tool will take a url such as:

And strip it back to its bare esstentials outputing it as pretty cool eh?

The main tool of this site is a function that uses ReGex to strip back the url to what we need. The site design is using skelton and the code that powers the conversion is javascript with a little bit of jQuery for easy element targeting.

You can find the GitHub repo here and the actual tool here