• Simple w/kg Calculator

    I could never find a calculator online to check my w/kg for bike racing, so I made my own using Andy Coggan's power data.

    js bootstrap webapp
  • LuckyLotto

    A simple 6 or 7 number generator to help pick winning lotto numbers. As the lucky dips are never lucky. Which then compares agaisnt previous winning numbers.

    python cli pyfiglet number generator
  • /.dotfiles

    A project to help getting a new machine easier, a selection of dotfiles to help me get a new computer to the way I want it, quickly.

    dotfiles macos shell bash
  • My CSS style guide

    Simple but easy to follow CSS style guide, that I put together to help myself "try" and write better, clear and more understandable CSS.

    css style guides dry
  • Beautify URL

    I built a little tool to help me strip urls from http:// or www. and anything after /

    js regex webapp