Paul is an ambitious professional who is consistently improving his technical skills and understanding, in order to gain a better perception of business practices. He has vast expertise in delivering growth results with a wide range of clients. As well as bringing on new business via various sources and retaining that business. He has great confidence in solving problems in challenging circumstances and always looking for ways to maximise professional and personal goals to be able to thrive and develop within a corporation.

Outside of work, he's a very keen cyclist; Completing this year the iconic Prudential Ride 100. As he enters 2019, it's time to get back on the bike and train for the next one.

Location: London.
Current Gig: Senior Customer Service Manager at Pixalate
One word that best describes how you work: Motivated.


Bremont MBII.


iPhone 8 Plus and Macbook Pro


CityMapper. Never travel without it.


Elon Musk. The dude with the BFR.


TrainerRoad. Get/Faster.


Cycling & More Cycling.

About the site

This site has built for mobile first and been inspired by Mr Porter and a design trend called complexion reduction, the site uses some cool little tweaks thanks to Gridlover.

In case you were wondering, this site is:

You can find more about my macOS development setup in my my config repo on GitHub. For comments or questions, feel free to ask me on GitHub, on Twitter. Or you could schedule time to hangout and buy me a beer.