Ride 100 - Instagram Project
19 March 2019 ·

This year I am riding the London Ride 100 again. I was lucky enough to get a ballot place, therefore no need to raise money for a charity. However, this event helps so many people via charities, that I wanted to raise money for a charity regardless. Every little helps right…

This year I am riding the Ride 100 for a very different charity for a cause that has, in the past few years became very close to my heart. My girlfriend now fiancée, before she met yours truly came from a very violent relationship where domestic violence and abuse were front and centre. Luckily, she had enough strength and support around her to be able to escape from the relationship and start over.

Some women and children aren’t so lucky to do so. Therefore I am riding this year’s Ride 100 not only to generate money for a worthy charity but in the hope to raise more awareness of domestic violence in our society.

Along with that being said, I thought I would take this chance to also run a social media experiment. I will be looking at how much extra money I can raise from random acts of kindness from kind strangers on the internet, as well as seeing the extra exposure certain hashtags give me.

With the help of the reach, social media has. I will be posting my journey as I train for the event and attempt to smash personal bests, and generally get back into racing shape after a tough 7/8 months personally off the bike.

Before Project: Followers 342

So keep an eye on things here, and let’s try and raise as much money as possible.

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