How I organise my iPhones home screen
09 February 2019 ·

my homescreen

I have a genuine fascination with productivity, as well as peoples home screens on their smartphones. I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest hack when it comes to productivity. After seeing the tweet from Jack Dorsey a known CEO for running two companies with just his iPhone, tweeting a photo of his home screen I thought I would take time to sort mine out.

I thought I would share my home screen and it’s apps, explaining why they’re there and what I use them for. I only have 16 apps on my home screen as I prefer to keep my home screen less cluttered. The other screens are a folder dumping ground, I also don’t have any social media on my home screen I only really use Instagram anyway.


This one is very much self-explanatory I use it to listen to my playlists, whether it’s on the tube going to work or going for a run.

Dark Sky

I have used many weather apps in my time, this one serves me the best. It’s great for notifications when rain is due within the hour, as well as telling giving me a daily summary before I leave the house.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps has its quirks however I just prefer the UI to Google Maps plus it’s great for in-car sat nav.

Apple Calendar

I only really have this app here, to tell me the date on my home screen. Simple really…

Apple Notes

I tend to jot a lot of things down, meeting notes, ideas, serial keys and important information. Using a Mac for work and personal use, this just simply works mainly due to the simplicity of syncing between devices.

Apple Camera

Well I use it to take photos.

Apple Photos

Now I use to use Google Photos for all my photo storage, which I loved a lot. However this year I have moved everything back to iCloud Photos, simply because I missed out on the memories which the iCloud library created for you once synced.


I use this app for booking restaurants. I love eating out and trying new places, I don’t like missing out on a venue due to not booking a table.


Well done Reddit, finally a decent app for browsing Reddit on my phone, I used many 3rd party apps. This just simply works perfectly, helps me keep up to date with my favourite subreddits.


When not listening to Spotify, I am listening to podcasts, Overcast for me is the best app for listening to podcasts. I found the Apple podcast app just clunky and pocketcast isn’t free.


I use YouTube a lot sometimes for video tutorials, catching up with YouTubers I follow or just simply going down the YouTube rabbit hole. One thing I do like about the app is that I can play videos from my phone on my Smart TV.

Apple Messages

This isn’t my many messaging app, I mainly use WhatsApp. I am debating about swapping this with another app.


Being a professional with a slight entrepreneurial side. Linkedin is great for keeping tabs on my network, as well as making new connections. I don’t use the app as much as I should be, but it’s handy to have on my home screen.


I use to live my life by Trello, in 2019 I am giving a new platform a go. Asana is more feature rich, I also prefer the UI. I use Asana to keep track of my ToDos and Need to-dos, as well as certain projects I am working on and their progress.


I’m am channel moderator for a slack channel called TechLondon. Slack for me has killed email, which I love it for. I follow a couple of channels, that keep me in the know on those subjects. I also find Slack brilliant for networking and connecting with like-minded people.

Apple Settings

Always handy to have quick access to the settings.

Apple Phone

Great for calling people.


I use Safari for my main browser, again because it just works and I don’t have to install anything extra on new devices. I also like the pickup feature, where you’re able to pick up where you left off on either device.


In the UK and Europe Whatsapp seems to be the main messaging app over messages. All my friends and family use WhatsApp, therefore, it sits in the dock.


Outlook, in my opinion, is simply the best email and calendar app for the iPhone. my personal email account is an one as I couldn’t stand the amount of junk mail Gmail produced.

The rest of my phone.